The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is the committee comprised of staff from each of the participating units of government as well as representatives from various modes of transportation.  The TAC's role is to assist and advise the Urbanized Development Commission on technical matters as they relate to the different elements of the transportation planning process.

Committee Members:

  • Scott Anderson (Chair), Minnehaha County Planning
  • Shannon Ausen, City of Sioux Falls Engineering
  • Ron Baumgart, Private Transportation Carrier
  • Andy Berg, City of Sioux Falls Engineering
  • Toby Brown, Lincoln County Planning
  • Jack Dokken, SDDOT Office of Secretary (Air, Rail and Transit)
  • Travis Dressen, SDDOT Division of Operations
  • Terry Fluit, Lincoln County Highway
  • Sarah Gilkerson, SDDOT Project Development
  • Greg Heitmann*, Federal Highway Administration
  • Sophie Johnson, South Eastern Council of Governments
  • Dan Letellier, Air Transportation
  • Jacob Maras, Minnehaha County Highway 
  • Clark Meyer, Railroad
  • Tom Murphy, Trucking
  • Robert Speeks, Sioux Falls Public Transportation
  • Sam Trebilcock (Vice-Chair), City of Sioux Falls Planning
  • Todd Vik, Sioux Falls School District
  • *Denotes a non-voting member of the TAC
2023 Meeting Schedule

All meetings begin at 2:00 PM

January 12th
March 9th
May 11th
July 13th
August 10th
September 14th
November 9th

2024 Meeting Schedule

All meetings begin at 2:00 PM

January 18th
March 14th
May 9th
July 11th
August 15th
September 12th
November 7th