Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is the committee that has been established to solicit public participation into the local transportation planning process.  Upon the CAC’s review of products and plans, the Committee forwards a recommendation to the Technical Advisory Committee as to whether or not the item should be approved, rejected, or modified.

CAC Bylaws

The CAC's membership is drawn from diverse citizen groups or organizations within the current Sioux Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization boundaries. Individuals that are interested in serving on the CAC are encouraged to submit a CAC Request to Serve Application. Applications will be reviewed when a vacancy occurs.

Committee Members:

  • Erik Nelson (Chair), Concerned Citizens
  • Kim Cerwick, Business
  • Catherine Dekkenga (Vice Chair), Environment
  • Cory Diedrich, Private Transportation
  • Carrie Geppert, Persons with Disabilities
  • Ryan Kerkvliet, Construction and Development
  • Thomas Murphy, Jr., Private Transportation
  • Chris Parsley, Community Service Boards
  • Gayleen Riedemann, Concerned Citizens
  • Rita Salazar, Education
  • Koni Sims, Community Service Boards
  • Audra Staebell, Education
  • Allen Svennes, Retirement Community

2017 Meeting Schedule

All meetings begin at 3:00 PM

January 11th
March 8th
May 10th
July 12th
August 9th
September 20th
November 8th

2018 Meeting Schedule

All meetings begin at 3:00 PM

January 10th
March 7th
May 9th
July 11th
August 8th
September 19th
November 7th