Sioux Falls MPO 2012 Year End Report

April 1, 2013

The Sioux Falls Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) receives federal funding to conduct transportation planning in its study area, including the Cities of Brandon, Crooks, Harrisburg, Hartford, Sioux Falls, and Tea, as well as portions of Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties. The 2012 Year End Report for the Sioux Falls MPO is now posted at:

Highlights of the transportation planning activities from 2012 include: work on the I-229 Exit 5 (26th Street) Crossroad Corridor Study; the completion of the I-29 Exit 77 (41st Street) Crossroad Corridor Study, the SAM Route Analysis, and the SAM Space Needs Analysis; and the purchase of Ortho-Aerial Photography and Contours. Additional information on these activities and more can be found at Overall, the Sioux Falls MPO completed just under $1.7 million in transportation planning activities in 2012, which continues to improve a coordinated multi-modal transportation system in the region.